Empowering Fashion Worldwide: Skills, Markets, Customer Experience.

This was the theme of Stealth Day 2018, the event designed to share with the Stealth Community the strategies, evolutions, goals and challenges to an increasingly global fashion market.  

In this fifth edition we talked about the international journey of Fashion brands, with a focus on the challenges related to skills development and on the opportunities triggered by Omnichannel Customer Experience.

A day full of ideas, which has combine scenarios and growth stories by some of the most iconic fashion brands.




Registration and Welcome Coffee


Exporting worldwide an unparalleled fashion industry know-how

Mimmo Solida - CEO, Dedagroup Stealth


Spreading creativity, ensuring growth

Luca Tonello - Sales & International Business Development Manager, Dedagroup Stealth


From Scandicci to Angers: to leverage on technology to innovate business model

Fabrizio Barbaria - MIS Department - Application Coordinator, Saint Laurent


18 months to evolve: change management according to Church's

Hamun Shah - CFO, Church's


A. Testoni spreads italian elegance to the world. The adoption of Stealth to successfully tackle the global market

Mauro Prestopino, Group HR Director, a.testoni


A window on the Chinese market: eCommerce and social to dialogue with an increasingly expanding audience

Richard Chen - Business Development Director, D1M


Stealth Platform Innovation

Michele Lotto - Presales Manager, Dedagroup Stealth


The challenges of digital transformation in the Fashion industry. Skills, markets, customer experience

Stefania Boleso - e-academy, Pambianco


A unique style

Gianni Camisa - CEO, Dedagroup


Closing and lunch

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