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The goal of Dedagroup’s innovation strategy is to provide our customers with unique solutions that can unleash their potential.

The department of Technology & Innovation is dedicated to defining the strategies that can accelerate this process, overseeing and strengthening the technological leadership expressed by the Group and by their Business Units. We think that innovation cannot only come from within the company, but that it needs to be nourished by the contamination with products, skills, methodologies and business models different from ours.

Thus, we have created the Dedagroup As a Digital Hub, an innovation ecosystem that it’s based on an open innovation approach that acts itself through collaborations and partnership with:

  • Italian Universities and Business Schools: we work with main Italian universities to bring our experience in their courses. We also participate in their Career Days and in the developing joint professional training and academic courses
  • Research Centers: we cooperate with the Innovation Labs to support the dissemination of the digital transformation within Companies, Public Bodies and Institutions. Our goal is to train future innovation professionals
  • Main IT players, both at Italian and at international level: we form technological partnerships with key international Vendors, taking care of their constant certification and updating
  • Startups: we work to constant scouting on innovative technologies, also expressed by emerging realities, in order to monitoring and encouraging the active collaboration between our Business Units and the world of startups
  • Our clients: we involve our customers communities in specific Customer Advisory Board with the aim of share the evolution path of our solutions and services
  •  Analysts and technology advisors: we cooperate with them to constantly monitor, understand and adopt the most innovative technological trends

Dedagroup as a Digital Hub


We put your ideas and your talent to good use

Innovation as a contamination of skills, domains and knowledge, with concrete effects on people's lives. With this vision we move across company boundaries, looking for stimulating collaborations, fresh ideas and talents ready to get involved. Dedagroup As at Digital Hub is all this. For you and for us, its’ a challenge, an opportunity, an adventure to live together.

Co-Innovation Lab
The Co-Innovation Lab is a joint project promoted by Dedagroup and FBK- Fondazione Bruno Kessler aimed at bring digital innovation to companies and institutions. We work to define standards and good practices with a twofold goal:

Making data open and interoperable to develop new open services for citizens and the communities 

Creating of new generation digital applications that enable new forms of communication and collaboration.
Innovation Ecosystem
Over the last years, Dedagroup has activated relationship with startups and emerging companies with the aim of enriching its innovative ecosystem. Along two main directions:

Mentorship Path: the Dedagroup People put their experience at the service of startups on specific and mutual relevant areas of business, such as software development, business models, commercial strategies

Business Collaboration Path
: the definition of a common use case - strongly characterized in a cross-sectoral sense - to be proposed to Dedagroup customers.


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